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Helping California Businesses and Families Plan for Success

Located in the Temecula Valley in southern California, JDS Law, Inc. is dedicated to helping clients prepare for the future with confidence. Whether you are an employer committed to compliance with California and federal employment law, a business owner facing a transition, or an individual planning for your family’s future, we have the experience to help.

The key to preventing problems down the road is proactive and practical planning today. Attorney Jenny Shin’s years of experience in employment and estate planning law enable her to anticipate and prevent difficulties for your business or family. When you have advice you can trust, you can focus on what matters to you, and face the future with peace of mind. We are happy to answer your questions, and we offer a no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your legal needs.

JDS Law, Inc. BBB Business Review
Jenny Shin founded JDS Law, Inc. to give clients confidence that they are prepared for whatever the future holds. After a legal career spanning more than 20 years, Jenny believes that the best result for any client is to not get sued in the first place. Says Jenny, “I love my practice areas because I get to not just guide clients through technical compliance and risk avoidance issues, but it allows me the opportunity to discover their goals and then craft strategies to achieve those outcomes while minimizing legal risk.”

What Our Clients Say

“Jenny was very good at handling our concerns and is so thorough.”
“Thank you for all that you did for me in a very challenging time in my life. I will always be grateful for the guidance and support!”
“Thank you for all you did to help me get my parents’ house into their trust. I know it is your job – but you were so very kind and I loved that you started immediately and just kept pushing for a speedy result. It was a pleasant experience – be…”

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