What information do I have to share for an estate plan?

An effective estate plan requires information about your family and your assets.  While account numbers and exact balances do not need to be disclosed, the attorney advising you on estate planning matters needs an accurate sense of the size of your estate, the property owned, and the complexity of your family situation, because these things can dramatically impact the advice given.  JDS Law provides clients a confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire to help them gather and organize the necessary information, including the following:

  • Copies of current estate planning documents;
  • Names and addresses of your children, parents, and siblings;
  • Grant deeds to real property, including the legal description of the property;
  • Business agreements such as operating agreements, succession agreements, and buy sell agreements;
  • General account information for all financial accounts;
  • Stock certificates and bonds;
  • Information about insured assets; and
  • Marital contracts or divorce settlement documents impacting your estate plan.

JDS Law takes the security of your sensitive information and our ethical responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of our clients very seriously.  We offer clients an encrypted and password-protected portal that allows us to securely exchange information, including the Estate Planning Questionnaire, documents, messages, invoices and more.