Individuals & Families

Estate Planning

At JDS Law, Inc., we are passionate about helping individuals and families in California meet their estate planning goals and avoid future turmoil through planning today. Senior attorney Jenny Shin has crafted over 100 estate plans for families and estates of all sizes. She is an attentive and caring listener and creative planner who quickly identifies potential issues and clearly explains possible solutions for the best possible outcome. We do n… Read More

Unfunded Trusts

If you are administering a trust in California and you realize that some property may not have been properly transferred to the trust, the most important action you can take is to consult with an experienced California trust and estate attorney. We know how to prepare the necessary documents, including court filings, that may be necessary to make that property part of the trust or to otherwise allow you to administer it, ideally without requiring… Read More

Probate & Probate Alternatives

We understand how overwhelming the loss of a loved one is. At a time when you are grieving, you must also attend to settling your family member’s last debts, including taxes, and distribute their remaining property according to their wishes. Our greatest hope for you during this time is that you were left with a roadmap to guide you as you finalize these matters. Whether or not your loved one had an estate plan, our experienced staff is here to… Read More

Trust Administration

Living trusts are an increasingly popular estate planning tool. The creator of a living trust designates a successor trustee to take over administration of the trust upon their death. Too often, unfortunately, a designated successor trustee is unprepared to assume this role. At JDS Law, Inc., we help California trustees stay on top of their trust administration duties. Our trust administration services are tailored to your specific needs. Do you… Read More



You opened your business because you are the best at what you do. You didn’t become your own boss to be kept up at night or have your days taken over by employment issues. It may not be practical for your business to have a human resources department, but that doesn’t mean you have to navigate complex employment laws and regulations alone. JDS Law, Inc. and attorney Jenny Shin can help you manage your legal obligations as an employer so that… Read More

Business Succession

Whether working on your own or with others, you have created a business worth passing on when you’re ready. Unfortunately, without careful planning, many businesses do not survive the transition to a second generation or a new proprietor. At JDS Law, Inc. we assist clients with plans to keep their businesses moving forward even after they are no longer at the helm. Whether you plan to retire, are facing disability issues, or simply want to pres… Read More

Other Business Services

Every business needs legal guidance at some point, but few businesses have the resources to have in-house counsel. JDS Law, Inc. helps business owners in Southern California proactively address their legal needs so they can prevent legal problems and focus on what they do best—managing their business. We offer services for businesses at every stage of their development, including: Business entity selection and formation Lease and contract negot… Read More