Trust Administration

Living trusts are an increasingly popular estate planning tool. The creator of a living trust designates a successor trustee to take over administration of the trust upon their death. Too often, unfortunately, a designated successor trustee is unprepared to assume this role.

At JDS Law, Inc., we help California trustees stay on top of their trust administration duties. Our trust administration services are tailored to your specific needs. Do you have specific questions or need help with a specific issue? Do you expect legal challenges from beneficiaries, creditors, or others? Or do you just prefer to have a trusted advisor helping to make sure your loved one’s wishes are being fulfilled? We are prepared to assist in any way we can.

Reliable Guidance for Southern California Trustees

Mistakes in trust administration can be costly and can even lead to personal liability for the trustee. Attorney Jenny Shin helps trustees to be proactive in fulfilling their duties and preventing future problems. To learn more about our services for trustees, contact us to schedule a consultation.